This is a very exciting time for the wellness field. The need to offer solutions that honor the people behind the numbers and the barriers to changing behavior have never been greater.

CEOs, HR directors and small business owners are well aware of employee stress and discontent. However, they are seldom equipped or skilled to do more than provide standard approaches to meet employees’ needs. Consequently, there is an urgent need for companies to support their employees in a more genuine and meaningful way to retain their people and remain competitive.

New Paradigm Wellness Consulting for Dental Practices

Goal: To enhance dental practice services and increase profitability. To employ person-specific, results-oriented stress management life coaching and consulting for the busy dentist, office manager, hygienist and/or dental assistant.

Vision: To achieve optimal performance among dentists and team members, reduce stress and resolve personnel energy drains.

  • Resolve issues in balancing work responsibilities and home obligations
  • Handle relationships with spouse/children/aging parents
  • Develop and maintain personalized health and wellness programs
  • Improve self-care in four domains of wellness: Healthy Body, Peaceful Mind, Vibrant Spirit and Balanced Emotions, so dentists can be fully functioning and enthusiastic at staff meetings and within the dental practice
  • Resolve clutter issues at work and at home that have become constant distractions
  • Find time for hobbies and personal enjoyment in order to rekindle professional enthusiasm.

Benefits: New Paradigm Wellness Consulting helps eliminate communication roadblocks, increase work satisfaction, professional enthusiasm, enhance office morale and improve practice functions to improve patient satisfaction.

  • Reverse poor money choices (personal and professional) and stop avoiding financial issues
  • Recognize unresolved stress with staff members, and understand how personnel stressors detract from the profitability of a practice and add to personal stress
  • Manage negative or pessimistic personalities, successfully, in the home and office environments
  • Resolve personality issues between staff members
  • Remove the stressors that impact their leadership and help them become more assertive
  • Shorten the time between identification of a problem, such as terminating an employee, and taking the required steps.

Measurable desired outcomes: Increased patient enrollments, effective customer service, improved clinic profitability, improved employee morale and retention.

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Resistance to Behavior Change

keyboard-350Challenges: People often resist health-promoting advice. Only 50% of Americans follow dietary recommendations to control weight and prevent chronic disease, although they are well aware of guidelines and their rationale. Among older adults, 1 in 5 chooses an activity level that will benefit their health.
Many wellness programs take the “compliant” approach, asking employees to conform to an authoritative recommendation – perhaps providing financial incentives for doing so.
Opportunities: In contrast, a “committed” approach occurs when individuals are internally motivated to engage in healthy practices as a way of life. They engage because they want to, not because they have to.

Do you have a “compliant” or “committed” wellness program in place?

Wellness and Technology

tech-350Challenges: Digital noise can be deafening, with hundreds of thousands of apps competing for attention in the marketplace. There are questions regarding the validity, reliability and science behind these apps. Issues of integrating technology with other apps/devices and meeting individual customization and personalization requirements present further challenges. Checking smart phones frequently can lead to more stress and less awareness. According to a 2012 Pew Research Center Study 70% of Americans check a smart phone within an hour of getting up and 56% check within an hour of going to sleep.
Opportunities: Predictive Intelligence, learning from individual preferences and anticipating what users want before they ask for it, is becoming more mainstream. While technology will not solve all our problems, the widespread use of smart phones presents an exciting new dimension to help people live healthier lives. Interestingly, there is a large market for mindful apps and meditation timers, which poses a dichotomy with incessant checking of smart phones and the “always on” phenomena.

How are individuals integrating the apps into every day life? As individuals and as organizations, how can digital devices work for us, rather than control our lives?

Financial incentives – the stick or carrot approach?

money-350Challenges: The use of financial rewards and penalties are estimated to rise in the coming years, even though this is not a sustainable plan. Consistently rewarding employees with financial incentives for participating in a wellness program is likely to backfire in the long run. Extrinsic motivation, i.e. doing something for a tangible reward, does not promote lasting behavior change for employees and it denies individuals the opportunity to develop life-enhancing skills.
Opportunities: Shifting focus to intrinsic motivation, i.e. doing something because it makes sense and is of genuine interest, leads to a more self-directed approach to attain a healthy lifestyle. While using intrinsic motivation to engage a supportive culture of health may seem a greater challenge, effective wellness program design, focusing on the process rather than the outcomes and emphasizing fun, will win out in the long-run.

innovation-in-wellness-400vAre you creating the conditions that encourage employees to motivate themselves to live a healthy life?

To help you answer the above questions, Patricia brings a unique combination of personal and professional experience to wellness consulting which:

  • Incorporates a whole person approach
  • Validates people as having the innate capacity to discover their own answers to health-related issues, through insights, rather than following bland behavior change prescriptions.
  • Integrates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of wellness for effective long-term solutions.



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