"Patricia impressed me immediately with her sincerity and genuineness. Her presentation style is professional and clearly indicates a high level of knowledge of her field, Health Education. Having gotten to know her I've found she really believes and lives what she promotes. We all know there is no better way to teach than by example. Her commitment to Health Education was again apparent in the quickness in which she made Health Education programs available to the membership. Patricia is a wonderful asset. She obviously has the knowledge and skills to make things happen."

—D. Wallace, Provider Relations, GPA

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"I've had the joy of working with Patricia for more than seven years. I know her passion for wellness is as much a part of her as the blood running through her veins. In fact, the two may be one and the same! I have no doubt that the lucky recipient of a pint of Patricia's blood would suddenly have an intense desire and the drive not only to live her/his life more fully but also the insight to help others do the same. Because she is unable to provide transfusions for the masses - she is human - Patricia shares her holistic approach to health and wellness in several ways: wellness consulting, one-on-one coaching and speaking engagements.

I've witnessed Patricia's innovative wellness programs transform school district employees from apathetic individuals to enthusiastic, energetic, and engaged teams. Her one-on-one coaching gently leads to personal insights, but more importantly she teaches you how to apply those insights for healthier and happier day to day living. There's something for everyone attending her presentations which are always professional, insightful, and inspirational.

Quite simply, Patricia is wholly committed to helping others on their wellness journey. She goes the extra mile to achieve goals - corporate or individual. I heartily recommend walking your path to wellness with Patricia. There's no better guide or companion!"
—D. Hicks, Wellness Coordinator, ERMI


"Patricia's professional delivery of quality wellness programs and services has been a shining star within the services offered by ERMI and the programs we serve. Patricia is a person of high ethical and moral values, having mutual respect for others, courteous, peace-loving, honest, conscientious, reliable, self-disciplined, hard working and continually seeking self-improvement. Through her leadership, Patricia has increased participation in the wellness activities, but most importantly, she has touched and changed lives for the betterment of kids, families, districts, communities and the world."
—R. Edwards, Chief Operating Officer, ERMI


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for working with me as a coach. I appreciate your ability to listen and then guide me to find the answers that are right for me... You have helped me learn ways to address areas of stress and energy drains... I appreciate how well we work together. Your talents are a great benefit to me. Many thanks."

—J.S. DDS, Maple Grove, MN


"When I started working with Patricia I was on an endless treadmill of doing. I felt overwhelmed by responsibilities in both my personal and professional life... I have learned to schedule downtime for myself every week so I will be clear-headed and refreshed for the week ahead and more present for other people in my life... Patricia is an excellent coach. Her insight-based learning is extremely effective in helping me understand my thoughts and actions. Her tremendous patience and understanding aid her in knowing when to push and when to step back, allowing me to grow at a pace that is right for me... I highly recommend working with Patricia... She has helped me make profound and meaningful changes in my life."

—A.F. Dental Office Manager, Willis, TX


"I am so grateful for Patricia's life coaching. When I started, I was at an extremely low point in my marriage and was completely frustrated with life overall. I had recently given birth to my second child and was struggling with my desire to spend more time with my two young kids and also maintain my career as a dentist. Patricia's coaching entered my life at the right time... After working with Patricia, I felt like myself again with a renewed strength and hope for the future. In addition, my marriage was back on track and I once again enjoyed spending time with my husband! Thanks Patricia!"

—J.S. Dentist, Anchorage, Alaska



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