What is Life Coaching?
Coaching is a forward-looking journey – it’s a call to action. It’s about working together to come up with creative solutions that are unique to each person. Depending upon an individual’s personal situation, coaching might include realistic goal setting, strategizing, focusing, encouragement, celebration of personal successes and goals achieved and personal development.

personal-development-350What types of problems are brought to the coaching relationship?
Health, wellness and fitness goals, weight loss, reducing stress, making more time, self-care issues, improving relationships, life transitions, de-cluttering, completing projects, life purpose and getting more happiness and joy out of home and work life.

The Nature of the Coaching Relationship
The coaching relationship is voluntary, totally private and confidential. The coaching is centered around an individual’s wants, needs, goals and objectives.
Coaching is a very dynamic process. Willingness to take action to make a change is all that is required.


Why New Paradigm Life Coaching Services?
Making successful life-enhancing changes is about making a paradigm shift. It's about changing thoughts and shifting beliefs. Moving out of a rut and seeing with new eyes leads to insights and new solutions that build self-confidence and resilience.
Patricia’s commitment:

  • puzzle-350Guide clients through an empowering process built around her mind-body-spirit-emotions perspective and research-based insight learning tool for transformative thinking.
  • Provide a safe harbor for clients to share profound truths.
  • Listen with unconditional love and compassion.
  • Help individuals find "once and for all" solutions so they no longer have to choose between their professional success and their health and happiness.

The life changing key to effective and satisfying Life Coaching centers on trust and a deeply transformative relationship that develops between client and coach.


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