Patricia blue 200Patricia Ronzio is a high energy and results-oriented professional with a successful record of accomplishments in the health and wellness industry. She brings 20+ years of experience as a corporate wellness consultant, wellness director and life coach.

Patricia's professional and personal recognition of what it takes to make lasting behavior change has made her passionate about working with organizations and individuals to effect long-term solutions so that employees need not choose between professional success and health and happiness. Patricia serves on a National Panel of Advisors, Wellness Councils of America. She is the founder of New Paradigm Coaching helping busy professional women free themselves of stress patterns that deny them the rich, full life they deserve. She is also co-founder of the Insight Learning Institute, which explores the application of the principles of insight learning to promote health, wellness and well-being.

She has demonstrated stress management techniques as a guest expert on a local news program and was interviewed on Voice America, Health and Wellness Channel. She presents to professional audiences on health and wellness topics.


  • M.Ed., Health Education, University Houston
  • Certified Health Education Specialist [CHES]
  • Certified Physical Fitness Specialist [CPT]
  • Holistic Stress Management Instructor [HSMI]
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner
  • Member International Coach Federation
  • Coach University [Graduate Life Coaching]

Recent Corporate Experience

Wellness Director – Edwards Risk Management, Inc.
2004 – 2014 - Austin, TX
Implemented innovative wellness programs using a holistic approach - beyond health risk assessments and biometric screens - to encompass the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of wellness, as well as fun and play. Evaluation of this whole person approach to program development revealed that it not only helped change unhealthy behaviors, but also increased awareness and motivation, improved accountability, encouraged healthier relationships and increased worker morale.

Fotolia 53323277 XSCorporate Consultant, Coach, Speaker – Cornerstone Hospital
1999-2004 – Austin, TX
Corporate contract with an Austin-based employer group to bring wellness to the workplace; facilitated the Leadership Wellness Committee; developed and implemented employee wellness interest surveys; facilitated a team-building walking program; provided monthly wellness seminars [stress reduction, healthy eating, weight management, physical fitness]; offered health coaching, published monthly newsletter.

For detailed summary of experience please visit Patricia’s LinkedIn Profile

Strengths: Evaluating client’s needs; designing, implementing and evaluating wellness programs; proven wellness program development; inspiring behavior change; exemplary interpersonal, organizational and administrative skills; ability to understand the big picture; build strong relationships with business partners; relate to people of all levels; synthesize and integrate information; public speaking on health and wellness; highly effective life coaching; stress expert.


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