Patricia A. Ronzio, M.Ed., CHES

Fotolia 57585151 XSOrganizations and small business owners frequently face a multitude of employee issues - from stress and anxiety, chronic illness, absenteeism, dissatisfaction and burnout. Standard approaches to meeting employees' needs while remaining competitive are often not robust enough to produce long-term results. However, employee well-being, corporate and business success are not at odds with each other.

Since no one strategy is powerful enough to change a person's behavior, there is a need to go beyond traditional health risk assessments and biometric screenings and honor the people behind the numbers. At an organizational level and at an individual level, fundamental issues require holistic solutions. 

Patricia Ronzio, founder of New Paradigm Wellness Consulting, works with organizations, groups, small business owners and individual clients, to bring a whole person and insight-based approach to wellness and influence a culture of health.

Wellness Consultant: Create long-term solutions that positively impact employee well-being and the bottom line using multilayer skills and experience in wellness program development, education and client service.

Life Coach: Provide one-on-one wellness/lifestyle coaching and support group facilitation.

Motivational Speaker/Presentations: Inspire audiences through informative and interactive presentations to take practical steps to positively impact overall health and well-being and experience a new perspective ... a new paradigm.


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